Rebecca draws on many years of experience dealing with a multitude of issues and can help clients who are facing any challenge. She has helped me with depression, anxiety, marital and job issues. Her style is warm, friendly and casual and I would highly recommend her as a therapist (and do often!)

Warm, friendly and casual

P.M. (Patient)

Rebecca is a fantastic counselor and coach with whom I've been meeting for several years. She has truly helped my life in a deep way, both personally as an individual, and professionally in my interactions with others. I can't recommend her highly enough (though I do recommend her to others on a frequent basis!) Don't wait, don't hesitate, schedule an appointment now and let her help your life progress towards thriving!

Fantastic counselor and coach

P.G. (Patient)

Rebecca Morley is a highly experienced and skilled therapist. She has the rare ability to deeply empathize with her clients, unlike the majority of therapists who prefer to remain detached. Rebecca knows when to coax and when to be tough. She is adept at understanding exactly the kind of help her clients need in any given situation. I strongly suggest that anyone looking for a therapist go with Rebecca.

Highly experienced and skilled therapist

A.M. (Patient)

The sessions I experienced with Becky were so helpful to my life and leadership. She focused on helping me to get ready by allowing me to open my heart. Dealt with fears & validating my POV, she transitioned me into being steady. My journey was confidently encouraged to move forward. I have learned that I have tools in my leadership tool box, ready to execute.She was relational, personable, skilled at seeing the message behind the life-experiences. I would recommend her for any area of counsel.

Ready / Steady / Lead!

K.M. (Patient)

I enjoyed talking with Rebecca. She was able to dissect what I was telling her and help me understand somethings better. She had some great ideas on how to get feeling better. And I liked that there was no pressure to schedule another appt. She just let me know that she was there if I needed her.

Good advice

J.D. (Patient)