Stress Management

Stress Management

Stress is always with us. Successful stress management is achieved by learning specific skills that will allow you to create a more balanced life.

We experience stress from multiple sources…our jobs, family, social media. Stress can be a good thing. It can motivate people to set goals, work harder, prioritize the important things, and generally keeps them moving.

When stress becomes too much to handle, your quality of life can decline rapidly. You may be discontent and angry, uncooperative or abusive. You may find your job at risk, your family in conflict, your waistline expanding, your sleep compromised and your life not looking like what you want.

With the proper tools, stress can be effectively managed. This therapy will not eliminate stress but it will offer you the opportunity for change.

Treatment Process

Our ultimate goal is to help individuals reduce the stress in their life. This often means using a wide variety of different methods depending on an individual’s specific situation. Stress can come from relationships, work problems, and financial difficulties to name a few things. However, most stress can be managed or if the stress from a specific activity is too much then it is typically not difficult to stop that activity or change it for something else.

Common techniques include talk therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and looking into complementary activities that are known to reduce stress. Eventually, the goal is to help the individual help themselves when they come across new stressful situations.

Sometimes interpreting things as unmanageably stressful becomes a habitual process. So cognitive behavioral therapy may also be used to develop a framework that allows individuals to interpret stress in a more positive manner. The process effectively challenges people to think in different ways.

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